Emily is a graphic and web designer, visual artist, writer, and singer with over 18 years of professional experience.

A native of the suburbs of Chicago, she received her B.A. in Literature from UC Santa Cruz and studied fine art, literature, languages, classics, and graphic and web design at the University of California, Brown University, Parson’s School of Design, and School of Visual Arts.

She has extensive experience designing for the nonprofit sector, especially for performing arts groups and organizations working for human rights, peace and justice, environmental conservation, and community improvement. She has also worked in a variety of for-profit industries, including media, finance, law, and politics. She lives in Brooklyn and freelances on-site at various firms in Manhattan, most recently at The New York Times, PIMCO, and Alliance Bernstein.

Proficient in Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, and MS Office, including PowerPoint. Intermediate knowledge of HTML and CSS.

She can be reached at emilye378@gmail.com.

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